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Each 5 gallon bucket is filled with our concentrated formula. Thicker and richer than any other detergent from our competitors. You will never get watery detergent because we use only the highest ingredients. All of our products are proudly made in USA! Customers get the best quality and the most loads with our product.

BLUE —Compared to Tide®

Regular Scent With Febreze

GREEN —Compared to Gain®

Regular Scent With Febreze


Miscellaneous —Compared to Suavitel®Dawn® Gain Dish®& Fabuloso®

Fabric Softener

Dishwashing Soap

Degreaser for Kitchen

Floor Cleaners

Dispensing Pumps

Dispensing pumps are made for 5 gallon buckets. Plunger locks down for shipping and storage. Excellent for dispensing detergent & dishwashing liquid.

200 Pumps/ box

USA Detergent Manufacturing, Inc. does not sell Procter & Gamble products. Our products are manufactured using our own formulas. We never market our product as a P&G or any brand-name for that matter.